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Develop a leaner, more muscular and stronger physique by choosing Avin Sahu (Annu) as your personal trainer in Gurgaon. This former Mr. India Bodybuilding has the capabilities to enable you to achieve your fitness, bodybuilding or transformation goals.

Not genetically gifted, He has challenged proven and refuted myths of fitness and nutrition. Utilized revolutionary methods to change lives' of individuals around him. His approach to produce results depends on Pareto's 80/20 guideline i.e. 20 percent work that produce 80 percent comes about. In spite of having bevy of certificates (Crossfit Level 1, FMS Level 1, Pn Nutrition and so forth.) He want to be a supporter of Iron and Nutrition until the end of time.

Profession: Professional BodyBuilder, Personal Trainer


2nd Place

2002 Haryana Bench press

2nd Place

2002 Haryana power lifting

1st Place

2004 Haryana Bench press

2nd Place

2005 Haryana Bench press

1st Place

2007 Haryana Bench press

3rd Place

2008- Haryana Bench press

Gold Medal

2010 Mr. Haryana Bodybuilding

Gold Medal

2011 Mr. Haryana Bodybuilding

Bronze Medal

2011- Mr. India Federation Cup

Gold Medal

2012- Mr. Haryana Bodybuilding


2014 Mr. Haryana overall Champion

Gold Medal

2014- Mr. India Bodybuilding

Gold Medal

2015- Mr. India Bodybuilding

Gold Medal

2017- Mr. India Bodybuilding

Bronze Medal

2017- Mr. Olympia Amateur India

Online Training

If you can't train with Mr. Annu in Gurgaon, online coaching can be very effective. Stay motivated and achieve your best body with skype calls and customized workout & nutrition programs.

If you can't train with Mr. Annu in Gurgaon, then this program is for you. Its hands on and an ideal way to stay motivated and achieve your best body. Whether it’s a special event, bodybuilding competition or film you're planning to get in shape for, this coaching program is perfect for those who need results now!

Let his experience as a former Mr. India Bodybuilding, Master Trainer and Personal Chef help you get in the best shape of your life with this extremely effective, custom online coaching program.

12 Week Program Includes:

  • An initial 45 minute phone consultation and assessment
  • A 20 minute bi-weekly skype or phone session
  • A customized 12 week workout and nutrition program
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